Chris Brown: You Need To Get Help After Your Latest Arrest

Anyone Who can should try hel this man.

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Chris Brown — it’s absolutely time to make a major change in your life. You can’t keep getting into trouble with the law. No matter what the outcome of the new charges — find yourself a good shrink!

Chris Brown — your latest arrest and jail time should be the final wake-up call you need to sign yourself up for a top therapist and get to the bottom of your issues which are making you self destructive.

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Queen Latifah’s Glowing Makeup — Get Her Exact COVERGIRL Look

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Queen Latifah, a COVERGIRL brand ambassador, really looked stunning at the taping of BET’s Black Girls Rock! event in New Jersey on Oct. 27. We spoke to her makeup artist to bring you her exact look!

Queen Latifahwas honored at the awards and looked amazing on the red carpet. Her makeup was done by COVERGIRL Beauty Ambassador Sam Fine — he is spilling the exact tips, tricks and products used below!

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Chris Brown Wants To Give Up Music And Fame For ‘Normal Life’

It would really be nice if he keeps to those words.

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Chris had a new revelation after his one-day stint in jail — and he may not want to be a musician anymore! Read on for all the EXCLUSIVE details.

Chris Brown was charged with misdemeanor assault before being released without bail on Oct. 29 in a Washington D.C. court. Even though his charge was reduced from the original felony charge at the time of his arrest, Chris is doing some serious thinking about his career as an artist — and you’ll never guess what he wants to do instead!

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